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Tribal Approved Leader

This month is a celebration for me in that I have joined 30 other people globally as the first ‘Approved Tribal Leader’ in Australasia. 

Tribal Leadership is all about upgrading the culture of groups ‘as an organisation’s culture is 8 times more influential on its business performance variance than its strategy or business plan’. London School of Economics 

Uniquely this is not like other appointments as you can only become an Approved Leader within your team of 3. And the whole triad is approved or none of you. It’s practical, human and very real.

Its been a 2 year journey creating projects, virtually (we have never physically met!) with my triad team- Dan (an IT entrepreneur on the East Coast of the US who is now setting up new companies in Chennai, India) and Ray (an ex PWC senior partner now book author and leading the first gender diversity programme in the US with state intervention). 

Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organisation is a #1 New York Times Bestseller book by Dave Logan, John King, and Halee Fischer-Wright that describes the results of an organisational research study. Wikipedia  is the home of Tribal Leadership for free information, downloads etc.


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Coaching – Finding our personal best

Often, as I explore a dialogue with a person we go beyond the superficial issues, and start to approach the nagging worry that is central. It is the area that has been holding them back. It lives in a sort of twilight, only partly conscious, but enormously empowered.

It is unlikely this is about their competency at work, or their balance of life, even though important. No, it is more central than that, it is around their reason to be, and who they are and are they OK? It is around the what ifs and deep hopes, even dreams.

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